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    Mike here, i was told to join this forum and looks like a good community. I was at the swift cleen up a few weeks back. I drive a red 2007 Tacoma DCSB off road


    Welcome to TnTT Mike!  Got a soft spot for Tacomas myself.


    My name is Joebie. First time here. I saw some post of TNTT on Facebook pages. Been wanting to join some trail runs and meet-ups since 2016. But I was way up North in Moose Factory so I only get to drive more when there’s a winter road. Recently moved to Kirkland Lake. Still a bit north but atleast I’m connected to the road now.

    All my vehicles had been Toyotas. Driving an FJ ‘08 TT which I would say is still stock it’s my DD, just replaced the TRD sliders with a no-name brand slider but is more functional and added some lights (for the winter road). My other ride which the wife is using is a Rav4 ‘07.

    I don’t have many toys. I just have a Yamaha VK snowmobile for the winter fun.


    Welcome to TnorTT Joebie!  90% of this forum is jealous of you living up there.  Most of us have to drive 4 hours to see a trail!

    Hope to see you on the trails some time!


    Welcome Joebie,always great to see another 08 FJTTSE,of course I’m showing a little bias,LOL So you’re in the KL area,nice to know,I have a cottage just down route 66 in Matach. Hopefully we can hook up for a cuppa coffee,maybe even run some logging roads for a bit of wheeling.


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    hello everyone and thanks for the ad! I’m from the Durham Region. Here’s my 2014 4Runner sr5

    lift- bilstien 6112/5160, toytec 1/4” top plates, toytec diff/sway bar drop, ome 2 inch rear coils, spc upper control arms

    wheels/tires – 285/70r17 toyo open country, 17×8.5 method race wheels

    other accessories- Cali raised led fog lights, Cali raised ditch lights. 2014 4Runner


    welcome aboard this ship of fools benlamers. good lookin’ beast o’ burden you got there. where abouts in durham are you? back in the mists of antiquity, i lived just north of newcastle

    hope you can make it out on some runs


    That’s one nice looking runner you got there Benlamers!  Welcome to TnTT!


    Thanks guys and just north of Oshawa/Whitby. Hopefully make it out to a meet sometime


    hey ben, just a coupla quick ?s. how much snow is in the ridges? mainly boundary rd runnin’ east from about harmony rd thru burkton station to the ganaraska forest. i’ve got some plans percolatin’ n would like to know what to prep for.

    also, is that a steeple or hydro tower above the tree line behind the 4runner?


    Yes just on conlin road. I don’t think there is much of anything right now with the weather we have been having. We were out in a side by side last week and there was no snow. Boundary/e108 gets groomed for the sled club though and I don’t think they are to fond of people going down it this time of year. Usually get bitched at on the toys when we are out this time of year.


    Welcome Ben,nice looking rig you’ve got there.


    Hello everyone,

    This is my truck, stock for the most of it. I’m is Mississuaga, so if anyone is organizing a trail run like at the Coke plant I’m down. 



    Welcome — That Coke plant I’m fairly sure is off limits and private land.

    Best to check where is appropriate to go vs ruining things for everyone else.

    Just a kind heads up.


    Lots of great people here who can bring you to proper places. There is a trip to Ardbeg being setup in the meets section. Enjoy!


    Welcome benztech82!

Viewing 15 posts - 76 through 90 (of 150 total)
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