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    Dave, Noey, Scanny – welcome back!


    hey all my fellow freaks n heathens, welcome to the new clubhouse. yeah it took a while since we announced it was gettin’ built, but thanks to our team it’s here.

    i want thank all you guys for your patience as we work thru our teething problems. this is a totally new game for me. i’m more versed in physical weapons n tools for fixin’ issues


    Toys-n-yotas checking in. Formerly tom_89runner.

    My mame is Thomas and I freakin’ love my Toyota 4×4 ‘s. As a hobby I ride, repair, buy and sell dirtbikes and atvs. Toys-n-yotas entertain me and keep me out of trouble.


    2013 Tacoma TRD Sport. 6-spd manual, oversized Duratracs, dual car seat mod

    1987 4Runner aka “Bigrunner”. Swapped, lifted, locked, loaded up trail beast.

    1986 4Runner. *still making payments*

    2006 Suzuki RMZ250 dirtbike

    2005 Honda TRX450R atv


    Welcome to TNTT Thomas!  I’m into bikes too.

    Currently I’ve paired my arsenal down to 3 bikes (I did have 6 until recently):

    1987 ZG1000 Kawasaki Concours (undergoing surgery to become a sick naked freak)

    2011 Kawasaki 400 Ninja (GF’s ride)

    2008 Kawasaki Z1000 (Naked streetfigher weapon)

    Kawi x2


    Hey Steve, glad to be back online.

    Nice lookin’ bikes. I’m partial to Kawi green, but hold no real brand preferance in bikes/atvs (so long as they’re Japanese).

    Usually my shop is littered with half-built bikes, half-broken kids toys, and crap my wife finds curbside or at the Re-Store.


    ’06 RMZ awaiting tires and fork seals. A 2000 CR250, 1999 KX250, and 1986 TRX250R all making cameo appearances.

    Others like my 2005 TRX450R (for sale) are much more broken upon arrival.

    Broken trx



    All good to go now.



    holy $h!t tom, 3 ‘yotas not enough toys!!!!  glad to see you’ve found your way over


    Hey Mark, only 2.66 yotas in the fleet right now. Still balance owing on the third.

    Took a week for me to find the confirmation email in my junk folder. Silly phone couldn’t distinguish between facebook/twitter spam which defeats the spam filters (despite the fact I’m not a registerred user) and TNTT for which I’m actually interested in.

    The small toys are intended to keep me busy between Toyota excursions. And they’re much MUCH higher up in the power-to-weight ratio for when I want to get chills going fast…rather than puckers going slow.  It is also a lot easier to part with these play machines. Every Toyota I’ve sold in my life causes some heartache.

    Lookin’ forward to springtime wheelin’ guys (and gals once they mosey on over)!!


    I started this thread as jz8ty but had some issues logging in. So now I’m Jason.  I still don’ know how to add pics but this is my Instagram  @jz8ty.

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    • This reply was modified 5 years, 12 months ago by Jason.

    j, happy to see they got the $h!t worked out. i haven’t met with our guru yet this week, when i do i hope find out what the issue was. good to see you back on.


    Oh I finally made it here! I’m sure everyone has seen my FJ in one way or another.

    Untill I sit down and get a build thread going on here, feel free to checkout everything I do off-road related under the Ontario Overland on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.


    Welcome to the board @cerutti


    hey mike, good to see you in!


    Hey guys, Noey directed me to the new site. I kept the same name and same vehicle, apart from 5 new shiny… err matte things


    great to have you here


    Welcome back guys!

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 150 total)
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