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    Hey guys introduce yourself and your vehicle!

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    Great idea!

    Kevin here – I drive the cement TRD Pro Tundra, and my wife has a white 4Runner TRD Pro… we both work for Toyota in various capacities… so we’re a little spoiled there.

    I still can’t seem to figure out this avatar thing 🙁


    Im jz8ty I was newbe on the SONTT forum.
    I tour around in my 80 series Land cruiser.
    Once I figure out how to upload photos I’ll do sso


    Ok. I’ll bite! I am Livingston, formerly jasonoflivingston on SONTT. I used to drive a silver ’99 3rd gen 4runner Limited, aka “the little silver car”, aka “the floppy jalopy”. It now sits in my driveway, a relic. It is fitting though, because, as with the new forum, I will now be driving a new (to me) red ’02 3rd gen 4Runner Sport that looks like the smaller twin of jz8ty’s 80 series!

    Over the winter and the next season, I will be swapping parts and building Vincent into my next overland adventure rig! Although the progress will be slow, I may start a build thread to document the transformation!




    Danner (dan) here, was also danner before…
    Rusty blue jdm 80 series with rusty add-ons and a plume of coal always pouring out the back


    evenin’ guys, you sontt veterans knew me as 4xfinn, new site, new alias, with homage to the old.
    the 4xtra has served her last voyage and has been joined in the fleet by an ’87 fj60. which(pun intended) needs some tlc. there was a spy pic posted on sontt and we think that’s why it crashed.
    @ krezz, don’t ask how i did the avatar, cuz i got no &$#@in’ clue. sorry man


    LOL!! I think I got it… but I also I’m not 100% sure how it worked lol


    Hey there!  I’m Aiden, I have a brand loyal fleet, with the exception of my 1970 Land Rover SIIA. I have a blue ’86 4runner on 36’s, a grey ’88 4runner v6, a Silver ’01 Tundra 4×4, a Silver ’03 4runner v8 on 33’s, a Black ’06 Lexus GS300 awd, and an Indigo Ink Pearl ’07 Tacoma 4×4 TRD Supercharged sleeper. I’d rather drive home in an old Yota than risk walking in something else.


    Still around


    Left over from the original, then SONTT.


    07 FJ Cruiser.  Will update my sig soon.


    Welcome back guys!


    Hey guys. Dave here, was Mudshark on Sontt as well. My stable of Toys include, 77 FJ40, 02 4Runner and 92 Paseo.


    Welcome folks!


    Slick_Yota, formerly Sloweburn on sontt and everywher else…

    Still driving my 09 Tacoma 4 banger.

    My girlfriend has a ’13 Tundra regular cab short box 4×4.  I’m dying to start mods on the Tundra!  She’s putting BFG KO2s on this weekend!



    What’s going on boyz!

    Congrats on getting the site up and running!

    I’m an addicted 4wheeler who loves the rocks and 4-5+ rated trails! Was selling my ‘81 Bj42 but decided to keep her and take it to the next level. This winter it’s gonna get it’s wheelbase stretched to 110” via a front 3-link and rear 4-link, ORI struts to hold her up, and install the doubler. Then it’s time to rock it out once again.





    I kept my nickname and avatar picture from SONTT  – no changes here. Still drive my 2010 4Runner SR5 which I still didn’t put any mods on. Couldn’t manage to break my factory running boards yet to justify installing sliders, but I’ m getting there : )

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