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    LoL very true!


    Hey guys, I gotta back out of this months BS session. Sam picked up another shift and is now working Sunday night.


    such is life eh tom? sorry ya can’t make it down. i guess the extra shekels are welcome though


    a session of the bull$h!t sessions will be in session tomorrow evening. same bat time. same bat station. see you fellas tomorrow

    first page, first post will tell ya all you need if it’s your first session, but the doctor is not in.


    see you guys this eve


    hey slick, twas a fine discussion. too bad some of the others had to bow out. oh well, it’s like the bus, another will be along shortly. see ya’s next month.


    finn’s knarr will be making landfall at the mr. steaks on drumbo rd n 401 at 7:30 pm next sunday for the woodstock bull$h!t sessions. see you there boys!!!


    you guys comin’ out sunday evening?


    Hey!! Sorry, in my head I replied to this a couple days ago, but from my head to my hand it seemed that I did not do anything lol.

    The plan is to be there this Sunday.


    kevin, you’re half my age. what’s your excuse? see ya sunday


    I wish I had a valid reason lol


    See y’all there!


    see you guys tomorrow evening


    This is too often the case sorry.

    My wife is not well and I can’t in good conscious leave the daily duties for her to complete today. I hoped to see how the day played out but her flu is keeping her down and I’ll need to run point with the kids and chores .


    Very sorry .

    Hope you guys get out on my behalf .


    hey fellas, the b/s session will be happening next sunday. crippled yota had a toy drive yesterday in milton, lets see if we can add some stuff to santa’s sack to help make some little ones christmas brighter.  i’ve invited brian to join us at the session’s next weekend so we can pass it on.

Viewing 15 posts - 76 through 90 (of 180 total)
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