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    Hey all. Happy New Year!!!

    We have a new venue for the Woodstock BS Session! Check the Members Only section for the address! Once this lockdown bull$hit is done, we’ll update page 1.


    See members only BS thread.


    Hwy59 Tim’s north of Woodstock at 7:30, if anyone is interested in praying to the Toyota gods 😉


    check members only for info on the b/s session


    Hey all, BS session is on for this Sunday.


    Headin’ to Ardbeg today. Crown land opened for camping 8.5 hours ago.


    guys, the session is on this sunday instead of the 11th. we got backroads ramblin’ n runnin’ to do on the 11th. same time n same place. see you freaks there


    hey you reprobates, i’m callin’ bull$h!t !!!! yup, we’re on for the evening of sunday the 8th of august. bull$h!t to be thrown, lies to be swapped, ardbeg plans to be made. see ya there


    come on out boys. we gots plannin’ to do!!!!


    hey you heathens, come on out on sunday evening n join this heathen at the bull$h!t session. same time, same place. come on out lads

Viewing 10 posts - 166 through 175 (of 175 total)
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