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    Thanks Tom yeah big news indeed, kinda just threw it online to see what would happen. After my 4runner I feel I’m less Sentimental and my needs have changed a little. At some point I may build a buggy or something more hardcore but for now a pickup with 35s and rear locker will hold me over and get me where I need comfortably.

    I actually think I’d prefer an auto though, it was nice wheeling with the trailer. But I’m fine With a 6 speed too. If I get a Tacoma I’ll have to put a locker in it, and probably swap the FJ cruiser tcase into it with a twin stick.
    Other than than some armor would be nice. Leaning towards that black Tacoma out west. They keep their value so well it’s hard to find a good stock one, and this one has a lot of good parts on it already.


    You and your buddies looking to do more touring, or just less big tire thrashing?

    Do you still have the atv hauler you built?

    How’s the new shop coming along?

    A buggy would be sick! I get jealous when I watch buggies take hard lines, purpose built stuff is always exciting.


    We tend to drive the truck on long trips and just having AC would be nice. I take hard lines because I’ve always had a truck that could do it. I definitely will miss that but I just want a truck with decent road manners for a while.

    My wheeling buddies: one just traded up for a new 4xe rubicon so he won’t be doing greens mountain or anything with that.

    I do still have the atv hauler but I’m thinking About selling it. I’m going to build a cool jet ski trailer with some camp storage in it I think. I have to think of a design. I’d like to be able to haul my jetski and launch it into the water. And it would be cool if it could carry some gear and possibly still fit my atv if I needed to trailer it instead of put it in the bed


    Some creature comforts and fuel mileage should go a long way on your touring.

    I’m adding airbags to my Taco to handle my 250 cc atv. She handled the weight decent down the road, but I hit bump stops plenty once the road gets rough. Already have the bags, but laziness has pushed this task to spring.

    Has the LC started her trek to Manitoba?

    JetSki hauler sounds cool, hope the plans come through.


    He’s supposed to fly in next week, he was having trouble getting the time off.
    I think I’m going To buy a light duty 5×8 trailer and start building off that. Steel is expensive right now so I’d like to start with one already built. I have some parts collected already so it should be a pretty quick little trailer build.

    I need a truck to pull it with though! Feel free to look for me and let me know what you find!


    Starting my next Jet-ski/atv trailer build. FYI my tan trailer is for sale.
    And the guy flies in Thursday to pick up the Landcruiser.


    And she’s gone, I really hope the new owner uses it to its full potential. He was really excited and it’s new home outside of Winnipeg will be an awesome habitat for it to play in.

    I pulled it into the valet wash at the airport and cleaned it up nice for him so I hope it treats him well on the drive home.

    I’ve had lots of Toyotas but this is no doubt the most capable Toyota that they ever made in North America. It’s a robust platform and an amazing vehicle, definitely one of the best ever built.


    Congrats on completing the sale buddy! I’m sure the buyer appreciated the fluid changes and detailing, looks even better than the ad.

    I really like Landcruisers, pretty sure I’ll own one at some point in my life. Finding a factory diesel would part of my scope, figure a rig that size could use the torque, and I really want a Toyota diesel truck. Seems like the upcoming Tacos are more likely to bring a hybrid option than diesel option.

    For your next truck, what’s your main criteria? 6ft box? Access cab or double? Auto or manual? Stock or tweaked? I’m on kijiji almost everyday, keeping my eyes peeled for my donor, or bumpers.


    I’ve been looking like crazy all over Canada. Good luck finding any Landcruiser for a reasonable deal, the used market is absolutely insane right now and bring a trailer is making everything completely out of control. Go and check out the prices on there lately.

    I’ve been really impressed with the new hybrid tundra from my research. The Tacoma I’m sure Will get the same treatment soon. I drove a 4xe rubicon and I really really liked it, and the idea of it.
    Diesels in small trucks I think will be a thing of the past soon enough, the def fluid and emissions aren’t sustainable in my opinion.
    Seems to me like Fuel prices are going to go out of control and the used market will drop like crazy for v8s and gas guzzlers, if fuel is a couple bucks a L it just won’t be feasible.

    I’m looking For preferably an auto, access cab long that has a rear locker, and a mid arm kit with coilovers.
    I’d like to find a first gen Tacoma if possible. I have an eye on one in Calgary just trying to work out some details this week.

    Here’s the basic outline of my jetski trailer, it’s coming together. Hopefully going to finish a good chunk of it tomorrow and Tuesday

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    The final picture to this thread. He sent me this after his two day drive home. Apparently he got 16L/100 and it was $500 in fuel back to Manitoba.
    Which I thought wasn’t bad that’s way better than I got with it, but I was always towing, and I think the part time 4wd kit probably helped a bit too.

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