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    evan, read what it needs, rockers chop n cap. when i first looked at it, i thought, yup, chop n cap for the repair on that.

    passenger side carved out last nite, ready to cap it. hope to carve driver side tonite

    hey steve, thanks for the assistance last nite.


    Should have read closer, it would be a real pain to try to remake those quarters out of sheet metal, that’s for sure! Hope everything goes smooth.


    actually those rockers wouldn’t be that tough to rebuild. there’s no real stupid compound curves, pretty much a gentle radius in moving down to the pinch weld broke 90* down front to back.

    didn’t a thing done last nite, the couch devoured me after supper n i crashed early. headed out there shortly to carve out the driver’s side


    Hey Mark, if you need any fancy fender fabrication done, I have a shop full of sheet metal tools: bead roller, 2 box/pan brakes, metal shears, welder, English wheel, bar folder and bunch of other machines.


    thanks ryan, the offer is appreciated. i’ve got a shrinker, stretcher n the bead roller.


    I’d drop by again, but too old and have to go to bed – up late last night…


    we play with the same tools and Toys, go figure, whats the chances of that? LOL


    no problem slick, had some $h!t come up n didn’t make it out there

    wait till u get my age before callin’ yourself old.

    t-minus 7 eh dude?


    ryan, you just got more of ’em. makin’ me jelly


    im jelly, you’ve got the ultimate tool… a garage, something I lack


    Hey Mark, any updates or pics?


    ryan, nope, no updates or pics. time has been an unobtainium commodity this year. F&%$#K!!!!

Viewing 12 posts - 16 through 27 (of 27 total)
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