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    well $h!t !! i just figured out how to get the pics outta my phone n into the computer. now i’m havin’ trouble posting them up on here(bang head).

    so for right now you fellas are going to have to view the first post in the “spotted” thread to see the new dragonship. as most of you know or have heard i bought an ’87 fj60 last spring. tomorrow it’s rollin’ into dry dock n under the knife. plan is to have it out to the may meet n greet in mississagua. yeah, go ahead, give it another turn, i work better under pressure!

    some details:

    -us truck, been in ontario about 11 yrs

    -152k on the odometer

    -interior looks about 8/10

    -leaks oil like the middle east. you know, the auto rust proofing feature

    -needs-both rear quarter rockers, getting chopped n capped

    -rear shock crossmember , cut out old n burn in new tube

    -fuel leak repaired, i believe i’ve located that to fuel sending line right at tank. my rad guy

    believes he can rebuild the unit

    that’s it in a nut shell n as soon as i can get pics up i’ll post em



    If you shoot the pics to me I can post them up!


    thanks evan, but metaphorically speaking, i’ve gotta learn to fish on my own. i’ll figure it out.


    lemme know if u need a hand neighbour!


    Here’s the spotted pic:



    Love me a 60, can’t wait to see progress!


    March2018 001.jpg

    $h!t!!!, still fishin boys



    hot damn! gotta love my  interweb guru


    on it’s way into drydock


    in it’s natural element


    here’s why, took my grandkids campin’ last summer in the woods behind my buddy’s place


    Rear quarters definitely need some work!

    Have you though about cutting off the rear quarters at the same height as the bottom of the tailgate? And just capping it off with sheet metal?

    Two big upsides to that idea are simplicity and you can run a high clearance bumper similar to the one I built, that wraps around. I’ve never worked on a 60 so I dont know if there are setbacks or difficulties with doing this, but just a thought!


    That TLC will have her turning heads!


    Witnessed the removal of the fuel tank and rear bumper last night.  Surgery has begun!

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 27 total)
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