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annual assault on ardbeg, aug 10,11+12/18

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    “The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry”. As per usual, I’m not meant to have fun, or so it seems. It doesn’t look like I’m going to Ardbeg. First off, I’ve been dealing with a nasty case of a 7mm kidney stone that hit me half way through my Grand Bend vacation… yippie! Its been dragging on now for 3+ weeks, with no end in sight. The last place I want to be in pain is, in the middle of the bush away from any hospital. If I start having a fever, I need to be in emergency ASAP or I’m in serious trouble.

    Second, my scheduled vacation for Ardbeg has been denied, due to lack of man-power… Awesome!

    Third, the 4Runner is nowhere close to being ready for trail travel.

    Fourth, Im scheduled to work the Saturday, again a lack of man-power.

    Kidney stone trumps work, work trumps fun. I have my head down, walking head first in a gale force wind. Maybe next time ?!?!?


    sorry to hear that Ryan.  Next time!


    oh man that sucks large buddy. just gonna stir the pot here ryan, quick question. are any of the white collar dudes workin’ on the weekend or is it just the blue collar stiffs while they’re sittin’ at cottage hoisting cold ones? by workin’, i mean out on the floor gettin’ grimy along side you!!!! if you answer no to that you guys havta band together n say F&$k you! we need some of our own time also. yeah, in days past i’ve been there n done that

    ok, rant off

    hope that gravel pit in your belly dumps out soon

    was lookin’ forward to hangin out with you man


    Alrighty gentlemen.

    My lady friend and I will be there late Friday night 1030-1100.


    Thanks Steve for resetting my password


    if you’re like alot of people n pickin’ this thread up here instead of reading all of it, may i suggest you check the FIRST PAGE. you’ll find details there.

    by the way, my cell # is up in “members only”


    jason, glad to hear that you’ll be joining us. see ya up there.


    safe travels every one. the viking draggin’ ship is weighing anchor in a few minutes.


    Sorry guys. I won’t be joining you this year as I have to work to pay off last weekend.  If anyone wants to meet somewhat close to the Orangeville area (within an hr drive) to grab some club decals to bring to everyone.  please let me know and I can meet tonight or tomorrow after 3pm.


    Sitting on the rock of round lake😆


    M and I made it. Finn here now too.



    Just to confirm we have locked down Round Lake. See everyone when you get here.


    Have a great time, stay safe, don’t break your rigs.

    Oh ! Pics or it didn’t happen.


    Mark, thanks for stopping through Shelburne on your way up. Damn this collar bone taking me out of commission at the worst time!!

    Looking forward to hearing stories and some pictures at the next event.



    I came back Friday night (had to get my dog in the morning).

    Finn and Windigo still up there.  we just hung around camp and shot beer cans.  Beautiful weather!

    Going to buy a Honda XR200 tomorrow, that I’ll take up on the next trip 😀

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    the first annual tnortt assault on ardbeg is now in the annals of history. a good time was had by all(i believe), fire ban an’ all. we had a visit from the M N R saturday nite. they were cool. i could’ve had a $650.oo fine for a lit hibatchi but they just asked to have it and the citronella buckets put out. marek was able to disguise his dutch oven that cookin’  up a killer stew.

    yes, some carnage ensued but i’ll let the one involved spill it. let’s just say doors don’t like keep a truck from rollin. but thankfully it was up to the task. ran the north trail to the tracks. what last year was a muddy mess this year would’ve made a camel thirsty

    it was great to make new acquaintances, to see old faces.

    trust all had safe voyages home.

Viewing 15 posts - 46 through 60 (of 72 total)
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