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VIKING COFFEE RAIDS cuz you don't when or where

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    Working on the house and have to get up at 4:15am on Monday (and I’m NOT a morning person).  Won’t be able to make this one…


    yup, this meet’s for the golden horse shoe/ niagara peninsula horde.

    evan, just go get a temp permit.

    we’ll see who we see!?!?


    no worries slick


    we’ll see you fellow heathens in about 7 hrs. details bottom of page 1, this thread.


    Trying my best to get there!


    hey evan, was a pleasure to meet you. nice job on the 4runner. hope you get that monster vibe beat down

    danner, was good to see you again. i’ll be talkin’ to you later about what was discussed. for now just keep it in mind

    see you guys next month at the big m n g.


    You too Finn! Did some research on the axle castor shims and they’re installed the right way. Best guess is the vibe is coming from my tires.


    fellas, the northern infidels will be roving the asphalt oceans towards the pole star and raiding the timmie’s at hwy 6 and 109 in arthur. landfall is planned for 6:30pm sunday sept 9th.

    who’s in to help vanquish those pots of coffee? see you guys on the weekend!!!


    roofing the nephew’s shed this afternoon.  will involve beer and won’t be able to drive…


    Hey Gents sorry won’t be able to attend. Just life chores and school in session .


    Hope to catch the next one .


    tom, kevin, as always, was pleasure to spend the evening swappin’ lies n war stories with you gents. so apparently another group of marauders must have beaten us there. the tim’s was closed due to a fire a coupla weeks back. we managed to take up a corner of the pioneer gas bar parking lot. ’twas a fine evening.

    the woodstock bull$h!t sessions resume next month boys

Viewing 11 posts - 16 through 26 (of 26 total)
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