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VIKING COFFEE RAIDS cuz you don't when or where

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    i’m startin’ up another coffee meet. like the title says, don’t know when or where.

    i’ll try to give at least 4 days notice for them

    so keep checkin’ in here


    ok guys, the 1st official viking coffee raid is this sunday feb 25th, 4pm, timmies, homer watson n 401 in the k/w

    the time is flexible for me so if we need to move it, post up

    see ya there!


    Like the idea of more date options, sadly this one we are celebrating my Dads 56th. Leafs game on the Saturday and dinner on the Sunday. Going to be a good weekend.


    he’s still a young pup, tell him the viking wishes him a happy naming day!


    Will do thanks =)


    not sure if I’ll be around for this one.  i’ll keep you posted.


    i think i can make this one!



    yeah cultleader, i recall readin’ something earlier that you comin’ marauding out of the east. so a fitting name for a coffee meet.

    slick, you on holiday agaaaiin?


    Still on holidays.


    Ok, pretty sure I’ll be able to make this one.


    well, the 1st viking coffee raid went splendid. cultleader, was great to swap war stories with ya. 4307, i’m glad that your employment is workin’ in your favor. well except the crazy hours. slick, that’s awesome on the place with a shop. lookin’ forward to havin’ you as neighbor. that’ll be 3 tntt members in the dorland sub.

    those of you that couldn’t make it, we hope ya can make it out to the next one


    great meet guys!  cult, 4307 and finn!  good to see y’all again!

    until next time lads!


    I’ll try my best to make it out next time! glad you guys had fun


    viking coffee raid this sunday apr 8, 6:30 pm . tim horton’s, 1180 hwy#2 ancaster.  intersection of wilson st w and garner rd w.

    who’s in?


    This ones closer to home I may be able to make it! Trying my best to get a safety on my 4runner, I got over the insurance hurdle.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 26 total)
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