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finn’s knarr slipped her moorings about 10:30 this morning into a rain soaked voyage. i ran the snowblind tour roads around woodstock. so it was a good mix of pavement n dirt. yeah, no pics, i didn’t feel like gettin’ wet.

one hole in the hull,driver’s window stuck down about 2″. no biggie. gotta source a window winder upper. has an intermittent miss at idle but get on the loud peddle n she pulls as you would expect a 22re to pull with 285’s on the ends of the axles. i’d suspect with fresh plugs n such that would go away. speaking of 285’s, gotta love 4:88 gears. i can’t remember the last time i used o/d with a 22re powered truck on anything bigger ‘an 31’s… yeah baby!!!!

she holds 100kph nicely but definitely not a 400 series super slab runner. i’m ok with that as the back roads have been calling my name in the past few years

yeah, you can say i’m pleased with the 340k, just under 2200 spent little beast of burden. now to start pickin’ away the little $h!t

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