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    finn’s dragon fleet is expanding cuz i gotta feed my addiction!! a ’91 short box single cab will docking into the home port sometime tomorrow. by in was such that i couldn’t let it slide n  the kronur to get it on the road i don’t expect to be too high. pics forth coming tomorrow


    Ahhhh yeaa!!!  Gotta love a deal too good to pass up. Excited to see the newest member of the fleet!

    I’m pretty sure there will be a regular cab truck somewhere in my future. Best guess will be in 15-20 years when my girls move out an take Truckee with them. They already threaten me a whole bunch that they’ll take Truckee and only bring him back to visit me, with treats.

    Here’s to hoping we still have fossil fuels in 2038!!


    finn’s knarr is now in home port. i’ll be postin pics up soon as i can squeeze them out of the camera. bear with the crusty basturd.

    no time frame as to when it’ll be on the road other than …A.S.A. %&*@kin’ P.!!


    ok, lets see if i can remember how to post pictars

    well, that didn’t work worth a $h!t


    this is drivin’ me nuckin’ futs. screw it, i’ll go see my guru tomorrow after work. sorry guys


    LOL.  I saw you pull in, so it is true even without pictures cause there’s a witness!



    22re? 5-speed? Colour?  Something guys, you’re leavin’ us hanging!!


    all eyes waiting =)




    there you go ya reprobates. thanks to our interweb guru. we’ll see how long i can retain the procedure


    Awesome looking regular cab  Mark!


    Awesome! So what’s in the stable now? The 60 series and this truck?


    thanks tom, n steve,thanks for having my back.

    some one asked for details




    it’s bare bones stripped out model vinyl/rubber floor mats. i gotta start eating spinach…armstrong power steering!!! the P.O. built a rectangular tube rear bumper with wrap around n rockers cut

    upon prepurchase inspection , i’m figuring brakes, exhaust n a small frame patch is what’s required for safety. startin’ on ‘er tonight.

    i have to keep tellin’ myself..”NO MODS ‘TILL IT’S ON THE ROAD”

    safety prep will be documented in this thread then i’ll start a build thread


    evan, look on the right handside of the 1st pic n you’ll see the flank of the original dragonship, the 4xtra. and there’s an xtra cab in the shop, mid dismantle, so 4

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 44 total)
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