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I’ll be making a build thread shortly to capture the awesomeness.

Coles notes.  1986 model year, originally 4-cyl manual, but converted to Chevy 350cubes, and 3-spd auto with Advanced Adapters. Has 4.10s and air lockers front/rear.

Plan is to be a Summer beach cruiser and adventure truck. Pretty sure fuel economy will be the determining factor on just how far these adventures take me. No O/D is gonna suck (gas).

First order of business, eliminate 15-years worth of powerful mouse stank, and start the certification process.


selling the BigRunner to free up driveway space (grid locked now), free up cash, and get Sam a new/used commuter. Her Caravan is about to bite the dust.

I posted BigRunner in the trading post, and included a kijiji link. Deals to be had for forum members.

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