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Yup, Kevin and I ran Old Nipissing rd. I think I still have the history book I bought in Magnetawan.

There is no camping spots along the road, private property. There is a Conservation area with camping along the way, not on the road but its about 15 minutes out of the way. Its a nice road to travel.

I also did the Old Hastings colonization road as well.

I’ll see if I can dig up the documentation I put together a few years ago. There was a big thread on Sontt that has been lost to the forums demise. I have lots of pics as well.

One thing to note: its impossible to follow the original Old Nipissing road. The southern “start” is now swamp and lost to time. There is also a detour to the east you have to take as well.

Well worth the drive. Its not “wheeling” more gravel travel overloading Sunday drive. Its in the middle of nowhere and feels like it. Id do it again.


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