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The only thing cooler than a *J45 is a *J45 with the canvas bed top, fold down jump seats for the bed, and the cab soft top.

At least my FJ45 is getting a new bed, and it’s not Christmas, and it’s actually happening. After much hemming and hawwing and debate and waffling and what have you, I’ve made a decision. Going to go with an aluminium bed from Aqualu. Just hammering out the details for the order (I’ve asked for a minor change to the tailgate).

As for the original bed, it’s for sale, minus the headache rack. If any of you know someone with a 45 and the tools and time to repair/restore it, I’m willing to entertain an offer. I’ll be putting it up on kijiji at some point. If it doesn’t sell I’ll be cutting the bed sides off to store them in my basement in case I ever do get a chance to use them again, remove the tailgate and valence to become wall art beside the original bib and bezel, and scrapping the tray and front wall.

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