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Great shots of your adventures. Our plan is to do some of the same. We are Eileen&Charlie. Picked up BigRed (2017 4Runner Trail)  from Krezz mid last year and trying to enjoy every minute in preparation for our retirement.

Thought you may be able to help us with an issue given your technical abilities (mechanical wise).

Late last year when winter began, we noticed a growl/rumble coming from the drivers side front end. The sound was in sync with a vibration that we could feel in the steering wheel. Seemed to start with the cold weather and definitely gets worst when colder. It gets less noticeable as the truck drives for a while.

Thought it might be the tires, but same thing occurred after swapping stock tires for BFG T/A KO2’s.

Did some research and found similar discussions out there. Symptoms match our situation. Only thing I haven’t check is shifting to 4H to see if it disappears.

See following links.×4-front-differential-bearing-vibration-thread.152173/

Was wondering if any of you have come across this and is it something I should take seriously. BigRed’s 16K checkup is due shortly and I will bring this up so it is on record at the dealership.

Any advice or insight anyone on the forum could provide would be greatly appreciated.


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