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Suck a little H20 in your motor? No worries. Here’s how we dealt with this:

This works best only if  you don’t have enough oil for a full change.

1) Shut the motor off immediately, and get pulled out of the obstacle

2) If a Jeep offers to pull you out, kindly reject the offer

3) Pull of spark plug wires and pull the plugs.

4) wait until the water and oil settle back into the oil pan

5) oil is lighter than water and naturally will float on the surface. If you crack the bolt on the oil pan, but don’t remove, water should drip out slowly. All we did was wait until the water turned to oil and then tighten bolt

6) crank the motor with your hand over the spark plug tubes until you see no more water coming out onto your hands.

7) dry out the filter which is probably soaking wet. And then it’s probably best to change the oil and filter as soon as possible. This motor needed timing chain guides and some other work so it was junk to him anyway. Wheeled for another couple days with that fix.


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