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Yeah I am pretty happy with the flatbed especially as I hope I won’t get as much body damage as you said.

The Rtt is nice if your not going back to the same camp every night. For my girlfriend and I, we travel in the summer which entails a different camp every night. Very convenient to roll into camp and be set up in 5 mins. However as you mentioned the price is hard to swallow. Took me a while to save up but I put it as a priority for our summer trips to keep me sane. Was brutal taking everything out to sleep in the bed of the truck (when I had it), then repack it a certain way so it fit in the morning. Doing this for 3 weeks gets old really quick. Plus if you want to make a quick lunch it gets hard to as you have unpack everything. Truck fills up pretty quick with all the sleeping gear and what not. Rtt has been really good so far

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