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    I think we had this thread on SONTT, but I couldn’t remember for sure. I spend a lot of time on the internet looking at awesome toyotas that I will never be able to afford. So what is YOUR dream Toyota? Specs? Colour? Tire size? Pictures?

    I noticed over the years my tastes have change.

    I always wanted a 1985 4runner, with marlin crawler bolt on EVERYTHING. Dual transfer case and 37s etc etc. Then I found Marlins first gen Hilux, which was my dream.

    Then I got married and thought that more daily driveable rock crawlers were cool, and people had just starting building 3rd 4runners and 1998-2004 Tacoma’s.

    Right now this is the dream, 4door Tacoma, one tons 40s, coilover 3 link front, custom pack rear, TRD supercharger


    Dream Truck Eh!

    Here it goes

    This is one of my dream builds where money and emissions are non-issues, the main purpose would be long distance travel, literally traveling all around the world and exploring areas that aren’t even on maps (I know everyone says that but I’m being serious, lol).

    First, Buy a brand new Hilux Single Cab Chassis 2.8 diesel with Auto 6 speed trans in white

    Now the fun begins

    Get rid of the ifs, custom fab a 3 inch stretch 3 link making the wheelbase 124 inches, using a tru hi-9 center and fzj80 outers, arb locker and cro-moly shafts.

    Then get a custom rear axle housing fabricated for a tundra 10.5 inch center with arb locker, full float conversion with drive flanges and 36 spline cro-moly shafts

    Keep to rear leaf sprung to allow the installation of long range tanks (Hilux’s are SOA from the factory vs 70 Series Cruisers which =more clearance)

    Get a custom fully enclosed canopy made with full size side doors, fridge , power center, inverter… all that good stuff.

    Simple engine upgrades, unichip, snorkel, exhaust, tune

    Trans shift kit, roll control for rear digs, lights, front and back winches

    37 inch mud terrains, dual rear swing out tire carrier

    There it is, my dream build, very simple



    I’ll just leave this here!


    Love the detail! 9 inch front with 80 outers would be cool, and never thought to use a 10.5 tundra diff.

    the 79 series is my favourite I think.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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