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    Hello to all. Haven’t been on site much at all. Trying to get settled back into house after being displaced and misplaced by contractor who should definitely be disgraced! But that’s not why I’m posting. In last minute panic to get winter tires for the mama runner when many of the local dealers were out of stock of my size tires, Adam, at Woodside tire restored my faith in humanity with his price/service which was second to none. Told him about the old SONTT and the new TNTT seeing that he enjoys wheelin’ and the outdoors as we do. Not only can he get us deals on all sorts of tires up to 46’s, he’s teamed up with Hilt’s Auto to take care of the mechanical end of things including off road mods as well. Thanks again.


    Good to hear from you Dave.  Glad the house ordeal is finally settled.


    dave, that’s great to hear that $h!t’s finally coming to an end! i’ll have to come by sometime n see the new digs n shop, oooh yeeaah shop! does this mean that you can get to a bull$s!t session  once in a while? been a bit since you n i swapped lies.


    where is this adam/woodside tire located? get him to post up in the vendors section. we need more traffic in there


    Ya Mark I definitely need to get out to the BS sessions. Kev’s been almost relentless in reminding me. Still got issues to deal with. don’t ask!! 2 yrs 10 months later, but we have occupancy. Lucky to have spent the last 4 months sharing a 10×12 bedroom at the inlaws with sweetie and a 10yr old! Ahh separate bedrooms again… Woodside Tire is located at 170 Borden Street South in Kitchener 519- 745-6441. Told Adam he should introduce himself on the forum. Comes across as a standup guy.


    that’s cool dave, i won’t ask as i realize that the whole thing’s been all kinds of f&#ked up. you’ll make it when you can.

    thanks for the info on woodside. keep houndin’ him, only kidding, just remind him.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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