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Winter Camping Weekend

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    Thanks to Jay and Mike for hosting the weekend through Ontario Overland.

    It was chilly but awesome all at the same time.

    Photos turned into a movie




    I talked to Mark @finn on his way home, told me to kerp my eyes peeled for pictures coming. Sounded like you guys had a blast


    It was a good time for sure.

    Brisk weather with a healthy group made it highly enjoyable.


    Looks like you folks had a great outing! Thanks for sharing Kev.


    @fjttse very happy to be able to share.

    I still have the photos to put up in addition but haven’t had time at home yet.


    jason, mike, thanks for doin’ the legwork on this run. awesome spot, great company. my buddy kyle enjoyed the comraderie n friendship that was shown to him.

    also, thanks for draggin’ my sorry overloaded a$$ up to the top J. i wasn’t looking forward to hikin’ all that firewood up.

    now to see if i can post up the pics that kyle emailed to me


    well $h!t, i can’t open the files he sent me. bear with me boys, this may take a while.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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