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Where to buy Aisin Hub rebuild kit?

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    Hey guys, I’m trying to find a gasket kit for the manual locking hubs on my 4Runner.

    I called my local Toyota dealership, who basically told me to go fly a kite. Not too happy about that, but I’m out of leads now.

    Where do you all buy Aisin IFS hub gasket kits?

    And the rear axle O-ring that is sandwhiched between the axle housing and drum brake backing plate.  Once again, dealer told me “not to bother calling back for these old parts which surely would have no stock”.


    I’ve always got those peices from trail gear because I had ordered the knuckle rebuild kit.

    but you only need the gaskets.


    Thanks man, appreciate the quick response.


    Called back and talked to my regular guy Andy, and he pulled up listings, part numbers and prices within 3 minutes.

    Part numbers

    43532-60010 $10.34 (hub ring)

    43531-60010 $6.20 (gasket)

    43422-60010 $2.25 (gasket)

    about $20 per side before taxes.


    And the rear axle O-Ring

    90301-88077 @ $10.88




    Honestly, this is great topic for discussion. Why are some parts desk guys completely inept when it comes to anything older than the year 2000?

    As soon as you mention an older vehicle their minds and ears shut off and they just say they can’t help.

    Thanks for the P/N’s by the way that’s really helpful. It’s normal if they don’t keep them in stock but at least if they have the PN it makes it easier to look up and order

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