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Truckee lost power steering

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    Today after picking up my girls from school, I pulled out onto Hwy 89 and damn near missed my lane! I knew right away it was a power steering problem, but there were no signs of trouble brewing. 3km later I’m at home and there’s a total loss of power assist. I put a catch pan under the front of the truck to preserve my crappy rutted driveway, and started inspecting

    • Belt tension, taut
    • Fluid Resevoir, empty
    • Pump housing, bone dry
    • flex lines, bone dry
    • hard lines on the rack, very slow drip (with engine off)

    I checked online to find replacement hard lines, and it appears they’re sold with the rack to the tune of $900-1,200 before tax!!  Ahhhh!!

    I checked my ECP coverage date, valid till Dec 2019, SWEEEEET!!!  Called Collingwood Toyota to book a service, and they closed 5 mins prior.  Gonna have fun dropping the girls off at school in the morning, hopefully I can get into service tomorrow.

    The leak is coming from the hard line on the passenger side (left in pic) and looks like its from corrosion.

    If it was just a hard line to replace, I’d be all over that. I’m glad this extended warranty is finally about to pay off.

    Part number 44250 in the list below.  Not sure exactly which of the three variants I have.

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    I recall having to swap the lines rack and lines on my 04’ Tacoma, I couldn’t save the lines and I ended up having them made from a hydraulics shop in Hamilton, wayyyyy cheaper than getting them at the dealer. I just gave them the old one and specified what it would be going on and how much heat/pressure it would be facing.


    Evan, I’ll definitely pursue a similar solution / repair should the dealership try to dismiss my claim.

    At 10:15 this morning, a Service Tech told me that the rack has failed, and they are now starting the warranty claim paperwork. Just a matter of time until I have my answer now.

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    Toyota ECP is going to cover all the cost to replace the steering rack, and a rental car. I’ll have to pay out of pocket for the steering alignment.

    Glad I only need to pay for 5-10% of the total cost. That warranty is prolly half paid off by now with this repair. Awesome.


    One week later, and Truckee hasn’t moved an inch at the dealership. When I dropped him off, I was told the steering rack was on back-order with no concrete timeframe for arrival.

    I called to inquire on Thursday for Truckee status and was told “waiting on parts bud”.

    There are so many good deals on kijiji for motocross bikes that my buddy and I flip for fun, but without Truckee there’s no money to be made.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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