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    yup, i’m startin’ the build thread on the knarr. for right now the mods won’t be crazy as i don’t want to tie it up for more than a day at any time. some of the stuff i’ve got in mind. in no particular order

    1)swap in the seats out of the 4xtra

    2)install a console

    3)build a roof rack [already designed]

    4)pass thru the back window [no front glass in topper]

    5)vent extensions [diffs]

    6)fab spare tire rack

    7)install cb

    8)install locker [have choice of 2]

    9)better lighting inside n out

    10)design n fab 2 removable racks for interior [1 each for wheelin’/campin’ and work tools]


    Mark I’m glad the Knarr has a build thread, plans look pretty stout!

    For item #4 I can give you the rear slider window.  It’s part of my freebie pile of 89-95 pickup parts. If I make it to BS meet I’ll bring them with me.


    good plans!


    well i’ve sourced a main frame for the roof rack. got a stack of 4’x8′ security fence at work. talked to my boss about it, asked what he wanted for a section. his response “is it for you?” yup, “buy me a coffee” sold!

    gotta love workin’ in in small shop!!!


    Well?  Updates, pics.


    @ slick, nope, not yet other than the one from last weekend in “dragon fleet” after my snow blind road tour


    Any work lately on the knarr?


    got nothin’ tom, due to work n the f.i.l. startin’ his dirt nap. i’ll have 5 days off over the xmas break so hopin’/plannin’ to get some $h!t done. it’s actually been nice to just be able to drive it without really worrying about it.

    well i guess there is 1 small update, picked up a pair of flush mount led back up lights and got the cut outs in the rear bumper laid out. will try to remember to post up pics when i do it.


    Glad you haven’t needed any repairs since the safety.

    I hear you on just driving something, that wss the relief I got with the Taco 5.5 years ago. Just put gas in and go.  It had been a while.


    i’m pleased, like very pleased. for one, this was the first time i’ve had a ‘yota at the m+g since the first sontt m+g , what, 10 years ago.

    the knarr held it’s own on the super slab without missing a beat. held 11o-115 no issue. hamilton mountain on the 403 was crested at a buck30. started climbing at buck20 and didn’t downshift out of o/d. that’s a win in my book!!!!!!


    Not a bad little rig you got there, next time you’ll have the 60!

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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