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    TEC || Winter Wheeling With Friends

    PM me if you’re interested, I’ll provide contact info for the organizers.

    About: This is a winter wheeling trip that has a 25 rig max (for people planning on staying the entire weekend). There is a cost since the trails are being groomed, maintained, and there is accommodations on location

    Vehicle Needs: a/t tires, recovery points front and rear, recovery gear (at least a strap, and shackle to attach), driver who has wheeled before is ideal, skids and armor.

    When: January 25 – 26 @ 10 AM trail run begins. Feel free to discuss here how you plan on getting there, convoy etc…
    We will have convoy from Toronto (East side) early in the morning.

    Where: Ray’s Place

    Trail info can be found here

    Cost: Solo Jeeper is setting this up and will be opening this event to us first and then the rest of the off-road community. Because there is costs associated with trail prep, living quarters etc, they are trying to offset the cost with t-shirts and a meal.

    TEC is going to collect $25 prior to the event to pay for shirt orders and other items to set up the event.

    How much is this going to cost me?

    If you are staying the whole weekend: $25
    You get a shirt, a meal for 2 and access to groomed trails.
    You are responsible for your own accommodations booking, if you need help let @Norilsk (on Tacomaworld) know. You can save by sharing room with someone else from the group. Accommodations at Ray’s Place can be found on the website.

    If you are doing a day run: $45
    For the same $25 you are getting a shirt, a meal for 2, and access to the trails. The extra $20 covers the amenities (this is going to Rays place for allowing us to use the bathrooms and other amenities on site).
    Considering Ganaraska Forest was $45 and you only had access to regular roads this is a good deal.

    Sing up begins on December 11th, 2019 and last day to sign up is January 18th, 2020. No exceptions going to be made after.

    There are no refunds on this, please make sure you can attend and plan accordingly. The event is held outdoors, have multiple layers of clothes and plenty of hot drinks with you.

    If you are committed and ready to sign up for the event, please PM @Norilsk and @tacoma16 (keep us both in the conversation) and we will walk you through payment transfer process and get all required information.


    Well that was quite the run. Close I 30 rigs – Tacoma’s and Jeeps.
    Majority did the longer, harder run.

    After waiting 2.5 hours to get 20+ trucks past the first obstacle, I opted to turn around and just do an “easier” trail with a stock-ish guy, tacoma16 and Manfred.

    The easy trail had 8” of wet snow and was very hilly with lots of sharp turns around trees. Front and rear truck had winches (mine still isn’t hooked up). Peter had to winch up every hill, just to get up. I was able to drive up the first 2, but no chance on the 3rd. And it was a good spot to turn around, so I positioned my truck to go back and let the other 2 try the hill.

    neither could get up, so we all turned around. I was lead on the way out and drove out with no issue. Mike was next is his lower truck and got out as well. Manfred took the last turn too tight and got hung up on a tree – big time. Dented his box. Peter had to winch him off a stump.

    Looks like hooking up my winch should be a priority. Thanks to Peter for the on board air – less than 2” per tire was nice!


    met lots of nice people (even the Jeep peeps – lol).



    Hey Steve it looks like you guys had a good time despite the damage!


    Oh yeah, still had a great time.  Got to shoot the shit with a bunch of like minded people – always good!

    Here’s a link to the TW thread for the run.  There’s pics of the other shit show run that I avoided:

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