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so, apparently the tundra wasnt enough!

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    ive been a cyclist since high school, had a road bike that i raced, knees went south so i bought a mountain bike. enjoyed it immensely and ended up selling it to a guy i worked with. a few years without and i was jonesing to get back to riding.


    bought another mountain bike, rode it all over the place! bought donna one and she was a real trooper to come along with me on some outings. probably going to sell hers and maybe mine. i had been keeping an eye on the fatbikes for a while now, not sure if they were just a trend or if they had some relevance.


    last fall i went out for a ride with a guy i met through a fatbike forum. with all my past riding experience on the mountain bike, i was sure it was going to be pretty straight forward. i was out of my league. way out. so, i did the bike shop visit to check things out. kept in touch with the guy on the forum, saw some of the rides they went on and asked a lot of questions.


    on 01/23/18, i pulled the trigger on a 2018 trek farely 7 fatbike. talk about night and day difference between it and the mountain bike! the two most important mods to the bike were suggested by my friend, suspension fork and studded tires. one thing ive learned over the years is, when someone with previous experience suggests something, its always a good idea to take that suggestion and do it.


    my first ride was a combination of wind, rain, snow, ice, water, mud, tight trails and rocky ground. (go figure, rocks in nfld!!). did i mention ice? at one point, i came around a corner to find an incline that the quads had beat down to two ruts with very shiny, slick, wet, clear ICE. there was ZERO traction. it was suggested i get on the bike as it was safer, and ride up until i came across some snow.


    i did just that. got on the saddle, started pedaling up the hill. lets just say, i was gobsmacked! where i couldnt even stand up, those studded tires propelled me up the track with nary a care. just like wheelin, im pretty much addicted to fatbiking now!



    like we need another money pit to throw $$$$s into!! but there’s always the fact that when the 2 track turns into a 1 track you can keep goin’ faster than walkin’. i can see it now, tntt’s first expedition build fatbike….. with no pictars


    finn, you KNOW i am not a tech savvy guru like some of the folks on here! i have a hard enough time trying to figure out how to get pictures off my phone to be able to send them to someone to put in my posts for me!


    if there is a coffee meet on the 25th, ill try taking notes! have to start early, im sure ill need a dozen pens and a couple of cases of paper!!


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    aah, so you understand my dilemma, i likewise am still trying to get pics outta my phone n into my computer. that’s why i’ve not posted any build sorta thread

    the 5th you say? we’ll make it happen brother. pen n paper i can hook you up with.


    It’s been a while since I had a chance to get out on a trail but riding is a lot of fun.

    Chelsi and I discovered the joy again last year, but then she suffered a knee injury at work, so we haven’t been on since. She has recovered and I look forward to this summer just riding again and then hopefully tackling some light trails through the woods.



    nice rack! ill have to check it out and see if it will work for my fatbike!



    We just mounted bike forks into the bed rail. Worked out all right.


    here is a teaser mark!


    2018 Trek Farley 7

    this is the place i bought my bike at, top shelf people!!





    that’ll be a lot of fun rolling around on.


    damn straight that’s a tease!!! where’s the rack you said was nice!?!?


    dude not at those $$$$$. looks like a nice bike but why pedal my @$$ off when i can buy running trucks for about the same figure


    on kevins tundra!



    oh $h!t, you ment bike rack!

    you gotta quit #*&%kerin’ with me like that


    You know what they say about racks… once you see one, you want to see them all.


    yeah, yeah yeah, yup!

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