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    the man who gave his youngest daughters hand in marriage to me so many years ago started his dirt nap this morning. he was 4 months of his 92nd birthday. we seldom saw eye to eye on any varied topics but i respect the man highly for standing true to his beliefs n values. thanks for instilling the same steadfastness in your daughter.

    R.i.p. pops



    sorry for you and your family’s loss. stay strong brother


    Mark, condolences to your family. 91.5 years is a solid run, especially with the love from your family that is quite obvious.


    Condolences to You and Yours Mark.  take Care!



    Sorry to hear Mark.  Hope the Mrs is doing ok!

    if you need anything, I’m only a knock away (after a few steps…).


    Mark, we’re sorry to hear about your Father in Law. Give the Mrs a big hug from us.


    guys, thanks from mrs. finn n myself for the kind words of condolence and sympathy in this time of loss. they are appreciated.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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