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    We’re all busy but I just thought I’d put this out there to see who’s available this coming Sunday (27th) My wife is at an engagement party so I’ll have a free afternoon/evening. Not sure what the weather will be like.

    Plan would be to meet somewhere in Waterdown, maybe on Hwy 5. Line up the rigs for a cool picture and then there are a couple moderate/short trails very close to there we can go explore. Then we could run the trail behind my house and another one just down the road.

    It wont be anything too crazy but it’ll fill the desire to get off-road with our Toyota’s.


    Sounds like a great day out and I love the invite out there.
    Will be camping this coming weekend however, so I won’t be able to take you up on this offer.

    Sundays are right down my alley too.

    Hope you guys get out and take a bunch of pics!


    Have a good time! Hopefully we have a few come out at least!


    I’ll be at a party this weekend…  will have to wait until the next one.


    oh man, this sucks. headin’ north this weekend for some mischief n mayhem, doubt i’d be back in time to hit this one. hope you get some guys out. have fun n play safe bud.


    Don’t even worry about it guys I just picked a date that works for me, if no one can make it I can pick a new date! Would like to have more snow to make it a little challenging.


    Sundays are often workable for me. If you toss another day out that you may be planning, I’d be very interested in that. I think the following Sunday (Feb 03rd has me in Gorie for my nephews bday) but most Sundays thereafter, I’d check thee ol calendar against.


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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