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Our Video from Ardbeg, Fathers Day 2019

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    Our premiere launch went wonky BUT the video is up and streaming!

    This was our first trip to Ardbeg, and we were out on Fathers Day with a group who were all experiencing their first taste of some rock crawling. Was a great time!

    Hope you enjoy!


    hey kev, glad to see you guys had a good weekend. thanks for sharing your episode. are you gonna try to make it up for the mischief n mayhem of the coming weekend?


    I’ll be stuck at work this weekend.

    I had to take my Saturday of the 17th to head down to Michigan for a weekend trip.

    Would love to be able to make this one but weekends are limited 🙁


    Nice vid Kev.  I’m surprised that Silverado didn’t blow a tire running 20’s.


    Haha thanks! We gave him plenty of warning and he wanted to go along anyway. He did better than expected for sure.


    The photo album from Fathers Day – enjoy if you like pictures!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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