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    @FJTTSE Hey Kev, what do you think of this new ban on “military style” rifles? I think they’re targeting more than this with 1,500 on the list…

    Anyone know the actual list? I’m sure this will put a dent in your average hunter’s arsenal…


    Here’s the full list:×3.pdf

    Looks like it not about public safety, it’s more like about population disarmament.


    ^^^my feeling exactly^^^

    and thanks for the list!

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    What a time to be reading 1984…


    “@FJTTSE Hey Kev, what do you think of this new ban on “military style” rifles? I think they’re targeting more than this with 1,500 on the list…”

    It’s an absolute disgrace that the jackass Trudeau used an Order in Council to circumvent Parliamentary process, especially since the country is dealing with the Wuhan Flu. People should be very concerned at not only this but the Trudeau Liberals attempt at a power grab. Canadians really need to wake up and smell the roses with these psycopaths.

    PS There are no such words as “military style” in the Criminal Code or Firearms Act, it’s just a scare tactic used by politicians and the media.


    First step to a communist regime…. This jackass needs to go!


    My letter to my local MP:

    Hello Mr. Mackenzie,

    I wanted to express my concern with the way PM Trudeau slipped this ban of 1,500 firearms into place.  It was underhanded and not in the best interest of Canadians.

    This ban does not address the root cause of the problem (mass shooting in NS being the most recent example of “the problem”).  He is simply taking away rights from 99.9% of law abiding Canadians. 

    The funny thing is, I don’t even own a gun or consider buying one.  I come from a family of farmers, hunters and law abiding gun enthusiasts. I believe Canadians should have the right to own firearms.  

    Mr. Trudeau needs to address the following:
    1) Where the firearms are coming from that are being used for crimes?
    2) Are they illegal, stolen, legit registered?
    3) How the individuals managed to acquire these firearms.
    4) Most importantly, address the root cause of the problem.  

    Trudeau’s solution will not stop mass shootings because he didn’t address the root cause of the problem.  
    The root cause of the problem is most likely illegal firearms and how easy it is to acquire them. We also need to ensure individuals who use firearms for crimes or are in the business of importing illegal firearms are punished severely.  This will make the risk greater than the reward and help stop the illegal activity. 

    Thank you,

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    It’s good stuff to send letters and make sure they know that people are not happy. I think we all should do it, if we keep quiet they’ll think that they can take more of our liberties. Although it’s hard to believe to what they say…


    Email from Omkaar at GunGear:


    Friday May 1st 2020 was a sad day for anyone concerned about Truth, Democracy and Due Process.
    The liberal government under the “leadership” of justin trudeau has used the tragedy in Nova Scotia and the reduced parliamentary oversight due to the Covid 19 epidemic to create new laws immediately banning 11 types of firearms, totaling close to 1500 models (details at the end of this email).

    There is not scientific or rational justification for the measures, it has been implemented using an undemocratic process, it wrongfully targets a minority, its going to cost tax payers billions to implement and enforce and at the end of it there will be no benefit to society.

    Over the coming weeks and months, there will be challenges to these new laws and we will work to keep everyone appraised of the developments and actions that can be taken to help reverse these unjust laws.

    For now I would like to share the information that we do have and offer some advice on what you right now.

    1. The first thing that EVERY firearm owner needs to realize is that we are all in this together, the gun ban groups have already said that this law does not go far enough, so now the the scary “Assault Type” firearms are gone, guess how long before they start looking at “Sniper Rifles” aka any hunting rifle with a scope and then to the next and to the next, this is not stopping here, so whether you own one of the firearms affected or not, you still have a bone in this.
    Heck as long as you care about Canada and our democracy, you should be pissed that the government is using OICs to pass such sweeping legislation and lying to justify it.

    2. Everyone needs to get a membership to the
    Canadian Shooting Sports Association
    and/or the
    CCFR – Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights
    These are the two primary groups that I can endorse, that will be tackling these laws from a legislative point of view as well as a public education campaign, these efforts cost money and our reluctance to donate the equivalent of 1 box of good hunting ammo per year to these groups is why we are now having to play catch up.

    3. Call your MP, be calm, be polite, but let them know that their constituents care about this. Find your MP contact info here MPs by Constituency

    4. Educate the people around you. Do not be vitriolic, most people feel the way they do because they don’t know the about firearms law. We need to win public support by pointing out:
    How safe our system already is,
    How wrong it is to use an undemocratic process to pass laws,
    How this law will cost billions to implement and enforce,
    How wrong it is to criminalize legal gun owners
    How this law would not affect public safety

    5. Finally for those who own any of the firearms now banned.
    There is a two year amnesty that gives you time to try to retain your legally purchased property. We will update you on that as the legal challenges get underway. For right now, continue to safely store your firearms at home. Do not take to the range.

    List of Firearms newly banned in Canada:
    M16, AR-10, AR-15 rifles and M4 carbine
    Ruger Mini-14 rifle
    US Rifle M14
    Vz58 rifle and CZ858 rifle
    Robinson Armament XCR rifle
    CZ Scorpion EVO 3 carbine and pistol
    Beretta Cx4 Storm carbine
    SIG Sauer SIG MCX and SIG Sauer SIG MPX carbines and pistols
    Swiss Arms Classic Green and Four Seasons series rifles
    Firearms capable pf producing more that 10Kj muzzle energy (e.g. 50 BMG)
    Firearms with a barrel diameter more than 20mm.

    Stay safe,


    new petition started by Michelle Rempel
    It is important for every Canadian to sign this, not just gun owners. What was done circumvents democracy in Canada.
    Please pass this around to all your friends. That is unless you would like to live in a dictatorship.




    Latest update from Omkaar. Unfortunately the links from my email don’t carry over on this site…

    Well that didn’t take long
    Remember on the last email when talking about the OIC ban and shotguns, I pointed out that it does not matter what the minister says because first off bill blair is a liar and secondly because the RCMP has been know to reinterpret the law as they see fit.

    Well it seems that they are both keen to prove me right.

    Here is lying bill proclaiming that shotguns are not being banned:

    And here is the list of shotguns that the RCMP has arbitrarily changed the FRT for moving said firearms from non-restricted to prohibited:

    So good news right, because none of the popular shotguns are on that list, no remington, mossberg, benelli. I mean those are just cheap turkish made shotguns, some of them even look scary.

    If you own a gun and haven’t woken up to the reality of what gun owners in Canada are facing, then you are as bad as lying bill except that you are only lying to yourself.
    We need to pull together as gun owners and oppose this OIC. If we don’t do it now, next time will be too late.

    Okay, So what can we do?
    There are a couple of actions that we can take to start pushing back on this.

    1. By allowing a section of Canadian society to continue to hunt with firearms banned in the OIC, the gov’t is creating divisions in our society and discriminating against other Canadians. For that we have legitimate grounds to file a human rights complaint and let them know you are unfairly affected by this. Details on how to do this can found here:
    File a Human Rights Complaint

    2. Join the CCFR or the CSSA. Both of these organizations are already engaged in the fight and need our support. The CCFR has announced that they are in the process of filing a Charter Challenge, this will cost money and they will need all the help they can get. If you are already a member please consider making a donation towards the lawsuits that they are filing against the govt.

    3. Flood your MP and Parliament with letters, emails and phone calls. I keep saying this in every email because it is important that you do this even if your MP is liberal, let them know that you are a law abiding firearm owner and will be out canvassing for their opponent next election. Get your friends and family to do the same. This is stupidly easy to do. Set a goal to call at least one politician every day.

    4. Sign these petition and every other petition that you see about rolling back the OIC.
    Don’t forget to look for the confirmation email and click the link to confirm signing (check your junk/spam folder).
    E-2574 Petition Sponsored by MP Michelle Rempel Garner
    E-2576 Petition Sponsored by MP Todd Doherty
    Get your friends and family to do the same. Yes, I know they ignored the last petition, but this is a legitimate way for us to register our opposition to these unjust changes to the law.

    5. Get active on Social Media. Twitter and Facebook maybe cesspools, but the reality is that many look to both of those sites for information, we need to make sure that we are there presenting cohesive information.
    We must ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS be pleasant, polite and factual. Any information we present must be backed by fact from established sources.
    We need to remeber that we are not talking to like minded people, we are talking to two audiences;
    i. The anti gun crowd who will use any reason they can find to try to paint us as fringe, right wing, conspiracy theorist, extremists nutjobs. We cannot change their minds becasue they are idiots, ignore them.
    ii. The misled people in the middle, these are the people who we need to reach. They only know what they see on tv, they don’t know firearms and think that our laws are the same as the US laws. We need to point out where they are wrong or misguided and in a polite friendly manner educate them.

    Discussions about anything outside of the generally accepted norm is not recommended.
    Some places to start:
    Bill Blair Facebook page
    Justin Trudeau Facebook page
    Liberal Party of Canada Facebook page

    Thank you and Stay safe,

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