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    the invasion of dorland by TNTT is gathering strength. welcome to the neighbor hood steve!!!

    yeah, slick closed the deal on a house just around the corner from me. another of our members is about the same distance the other way

    welcome again. i’m sure you’ll like it out here


    Congratulations Steve! I dig the garage.



    Thanks guys!  Picked up the keys yesterday and couldn’t even get out there – busy day and had to work afternoons.

    Got there today though!  Met the neighbours on one side and Mark dropped by to say hi.

    Starting to fill the shop first 😛


    slick is now moved in!!! welcome to the neighborhood brother

    let the wrenchin’ begin!!!


    Thanks finn!  Gave the ole Taco a little lovin’ this weekend!  She needs a lot more….  Might end up buying a new one, if I can pull the trigger…. Already got a guy trying to poach my bumpers. lol


    That reminds me of when people post pictures of there truck after an accident and people say “hope you’re okay! I’ll buy the tires and rims”


    I posted the cap on kijiji.  Guy messaged me asking about the bumpers.  Turns out I met him at the Mississauga M&G.




    Congrats on the move!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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