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gotta love grandkids!

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    so last night mrs. viking n i were up to wellesley to watch the santa claus parade as Anaara, our 8 yr old grand daughter was participating with her brownies group. they did great by the way! afterwards we went back to my daughters to enjoy the apple pie mrs. viking brought up with us. all the while there Anaara was regaling us with escapades n stories from brownies and the topic turned to them going campin’ ….”papa, i’m gonna show them real camping n camp like you showed us when you took us out last summer!”  that’s my girl!!!!

    those of you who have seen me camp will understand why my heart burst with pride


    This is a wesome!




    Way to show the world!!!


    hehe, i still remember that cot and tarp set-up from our first trip to ardbeg! do the kids know about ‘spider dogs’? if not, you can be the hero and make them some!






    ah lee, this ole codger doesn’t know what spider dogs are, enlighten me dude. i’m all for more hero status


    you take a standard hotdog, put it on a stick. centered and 90* to the hotdog axis. slice the ends approximately 1/3 the way to the stick creating four ‘legs’. cook over an open fire, as it cooks, the ‘legs’ will start to curl toward the stick thereby creating ‘spiderdogs’!


    here is a visual if my attempt at describing the process is less than understandable:







    that sounds simple enough. we’ll give it a go. thanks man


    the other good thing about grandkids is, they give you great grand kids!!





    yeah, i think by the time happens i’ll be old n decrepit, right now i’m just decrepit.

    i doubt i’ll make great great papa status like my fil has

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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