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    Heya folks,

    Was on SONTT back when and with life, family, etc.. never got to registering on TNORTT.

    Not getting out of wheeling entirely, but delayed a while getting back at it, so decided to sell the FJ Cruiser; need to make a tough decision what to do with the ’81 Mini too, but never-the-less.. Thought I’d see if there was some interest from the Toyota crowd here. 

    Ad link:

    Questions, comments, or just a shout out from the SONTT crowd lemme know!
    — Adam


    Welcome to tnortt Adam.  Nice looking FJ!  I have 2 Tacomas now, so another toy would be out of the question..  GLWS.


    hey adam, glad you found your way home thru the digital storm.

    good luck with the sale bud.


    Thanks guys.  Have to try and pop in and keep in touch on here.  With winter setting in and work busy wrapping up the hope is to have time to work on some of my junk over the winter.  😀

    Kijiji is a such a good time :facepalm:

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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