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    Anybody get an early x-mas present?

    I got myself a winch and rock sliders for the Taco.

    My GF got me a set of pivoting, ratcheting wrenches 😀



    Picked up a Bestop Supertop off kijiji yesterday.

    Needs a cleaning, a patch and mounting hardware, but otherwise she’s mint.

    Pretty excited to start getting this refurbished and installed.




    steve, did you get the slider install done?

    tom, now the taco matches the bigrunner!

    as for my early present….gotta love when your xmas bonus cheque is pushin’ double your paycheque!!!!

    n i’m paid biweekly, yeah baby!


    M doesn’t like the way they touch her legs when she gets in and out.  Still just have the temp install for now.  I’ll see if she says anything else – if not, I’ll bolt em in.

    If she brings it up again, I’ll just put em on for runs.


    early presents eh?! dash cam, drivers side grab handle, tailgate lock assy and on order, a set of core sliders!!






    your rig is lifted, right?  donna is on me about when our new sliders will get here, shes tired of not being able to use them to get into the truck like she did with the ’07. my drivers side grab handle arrived the other day, its supposed to be up to around 11*c sunday. that and the dash cam will be installed!!


    if they are touching her leg, shes not using them right!! put them on permanent, she will get used to using them. i ordered a set from core, just waiting for jasons to be done so mine can go into production. i cant wait, so used to using them on the old truck that i still find myself looking to use them to get in to the new one!






    Tools! A set of 60 ratchet wrenches SAE & Metric + a set of matching stubbies and a floor model English Wheel.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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