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    Hey Guys, I’m setting up a “No Exit” Tour around Shelburne.  I have not completely established the route, but I’m gonna use Super Burger @ HWY 10/89 in Shelburne as the starting point.  There are tons of misleading NO EXIT signs around where I live, but for the most part they are LIES!!


    • Saturday, October 19th
    • 10am start
    • Finished by 4pm
    • Family and Stock friendly
    • Plenty of Fall colours and photo ops

    A few disclaimers:

    1. Full sized trucks beware of pin stripes due to width (4Runner can squeeze through with minimal scrapes, Tacoma gets more pin striping)
    2. long-wheelbase trucks beware of some switchbacks (4Runner and DCSB Taco don’t struggle)
    3. Front/rear recovery points (though I’ve never needed one)
    4. No lockers required
    5. Mud is a potential, but not what I’m setting out to find
    6. Water crossings are guaranteed (less than 12” depth)


    Would absolutely love to be able to go, but Saturdays don’t typically work work and this one is my Sisters wedding lol, so I have to be there.

    I’ll keep an eye out for any future things you may host, especially if ever on a Sunday 😉 lol




    That’s the beginning of my holidays, so I should be able to make this!


    although I’m coming off night shift, so maybe not…  I’ll see how the GF feels about it.


    @Krezz if this goes well I’ll try to modify the run for later in the fall or early winter for a Sunday.  Will take feedback from anybody who attends, and remove some sections once snow falls. This date kinda fell upon me when Grandma offered to babysit the girls overnight Friday.

    plan on bringing the black truck.  The start time is not fixed by any means, so if you and Melissa want us to start later its doable.  I should wrap up by 4-5pm to get to Brampton at a reasonable hour.

    To All:  I got a route figured out with minimal back tracking, and tons of opportunities to add in an extra loop, or take a lunch break in Creemore or Terra Nova (great food and a cold pint). Gives us some better lunch choices over Super Burger / Champ Burger at the starting point.  Google maps isn’t happy showing the entire route because it includes NO EXIT and tries to redirect us.

    Total distance ~ about 50km?

    Travel speed will be less than 10km/h at some points, but most roads are listed either 60 or 80km/h.

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    I hope you guys get some pictures, would love to see this.

    The run sounds amazing, and for sure if you plan more I’d remain interested. I know Ed would be as well. Pin strips never hurt anyone 🙂


    @Krezz – pinstripes would hurt the new Taco   😛

    – Melissa just reminded me I’m supposed to be doing my garage roof that weekend.  I would have delayed that, but the nephew is coming to help me…  I’ll definitely hit the next one though.  Creemore is one of my favorite beers!


    @slick_yota Creemore has a little pub “The Old Mill House Pub”  right across from the brewery with awesome food and the freshest brew on tap. What I’m saying is, Creemore didn’t end up on my tour by accident.

    there will be some photos to share, I’ve already put my Point and Shoot camera in the glovebox.  Now the hardest part, I just gotta remember to use it.


    hey tom, 10:00am this saturday, the viking will be there to assist in assaultin’ asphalt n grindin’ gravel!!!!

    how deep into the archives did you have to dig for that pic of the 4runner?

    see ya saturday man


    Hey Mark, glad to hear you’re gonna help me on this tour. Don’t feel rushed to keep the 10am start time, so far it’s just the two of us heading out.

    Dug that 4Runner picture out from my 2012 archive.


    well then, i should be to your place shortly before 1o. will txt you when rollin’ past o-ville


    Sounds great Mark. I’ll put on a fresh pot, and will be waitin’ for your arrival at home.


    thomas, that was an awesum tour. thanks for settin’ it up man.

    yup fellas, it was about a hundred kliks of up n down n around n thru n in n out, with a killer meal at the old mill house  pub in creemore. highly recommend a stop in there for a bite.

    i’ve always wondered what lay in the hills to the west when runnin’ airport rd to play grounds in the north. now i know. even though i think we barely scratched the surface

    lookin’ forward to seein’ the pics bud


    Ill be in for the next one!


    Mark, thanks for making the trek out here, and puttin’ the Knarr through the tougher parts of the roads less travelled around here.

    I’ll keep this route, and make an amendment for where the NO EXIT was legitimate thanks to a massive stack of concrete blocks.

    My buddy James who rode shotty, then piloted Redee about 40km is even more stocked to get himself a Toyota 4×4.  I am still waiting on his collection of photos to come my way, but here’s a few to get us started.

    Descending the Garden of Eden into Dunedin

    The Knarr on 1st Line

    Looking South towards Hwy 21 after leaving Creemore

    Impossibly red tree in somebodies yard

    Redee showing some evidence of adventuring.

    Glad it was Mark pilotting The Knarr, cause my mirrors weren’t very functional (or necessary) with the earth deposits and branches re-aiming them at every opportunity.

    Glad your magical compass helped steer us to lunch, and got you home safe buddy.

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