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    so, what’s your xmas break consist of n is your employer a cheap a$$ or reasonable as far as christmas bonus?

    i’m in the middle of a 5 day weekend with christmas eve 1/2 day paid. next weekend is 4 days off with new years eve 1/2 day paid. that’s over n above the 3 stats paid.

    bonus, oh yeah baby!!! deep into 4 digits…cash. so far from  cheap a$$es. plus a $50.oo pc gift card



    We only get bonus once per year, in June.  But it’s a good one…  For days off, 5 days paid this week and 2 paid next week.  If I go in (which I could have, but didn’t feel like it this year) I get double time + the holiday pay, so it’s like triple time.


    At my Tier-1 supplier to Honda, we got 7-paid days off. This week Mon-Fri, next week Mon-Tues, return to work Jan 2nd.

    Bonus varied by person to person, based on performance and production results. I took home almost $700 after taxes.


    @toys-n-yotas, that’s pretty much the same as us at Toyota plant and our suppliers. Most of our suppliers have same days off as we do.


    2 days off 28-29th, vacation time for me. Sarah got an indefinite layoff a week and a half ago, after 10 years of service. Merry Christmas… I think?


    MeRrY ChRiStMaS  everyone! May TNORTT thrive and grow in the New Year.

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    Sorry to hear of Sarah’s Christmas gift?? from work. Crappy scenario, even worse timing. Hope having some quality time at home can help open a fresh window in the New Year.

    Almost too shy to inquire, but hows the knee healing up?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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