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    Hey guys and gals!  I took delivery of a new project, AND my wifes DD is crapping out, so the BigRunner is up for sale. Anybody from SONTT will likely recognize the 4Runner, it performs even better than it looks.


    Kijiji link

    Take $1000 off asking price for any current TNTT member (as of June 19th) or former SONTT member.

    Sad to see it leave, but a trail rig won’t help my wife commute 130km round trip to work.

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    What’s the setup for suspension, and lockers. you’ve peaked my interest mostly because of the 5.29s and doubler. Two things that I very much want.


    I’m not 100% sure on the brand of lift, pretty sure its got 5″ lift springs front/rear, 3″ axle block in the rear, and a rear axle “panhard” bar. I’ll put a picture up (after I take one to help explain myself). Also 3″ body lift.

    Has 30-spline longfields, and 5.29 E-lockers. Lockers are relay activated with switches in the dash. Both axles have guards to protect e-locker actuators.

    I’ve got a 3-ring binder full of receipts. Still digging through for lift details. If you’re really interested we can try to meet up so you can look through it all

    The doubler is legit, one of my favourite features for sure. No clutch slipping, no stalling, just point and shoot. First truck I’ve ever had with REALLY low gears.

    truck is built super well by former SONTT member….just a shame I don’t get to use it more. Just once in last 14-months since I bought it.

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    Man! Big Runners for sale?

    I hope someone buys it from TNTT

    Hey Finn

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    Pic shows traction bar, e-locker guards, rear disk conversion, tcase e-brake, and childrens toys (can be included to sweeten the deal).


    Sold to a family in Peterborough.

    The fellow who responded to the ad has been building a 1955 Range Rover using a 1983 Toyota Pickup drivetrain for the better part of a decade. Family, careers, relocations have slowed him down, but such is life. He brought the truck home Friday, has knocked out my “punch list” in about 6-hours and is looking to wheel around Bobcaygeon (20-mins from home) with his buddies.


    I shared the forum with him, hope he joins soon so we can keep the saga of BigRunner going.


    Sam’s new/used ride to replace the dead Caravan.  Almost the exact same car she sold 3-years ago to get the caravan. 5-spd hatchback. 

    We love getting 6.5 L/100km, a lot better than 11-13 in the caravan while commuting 130km round trip.

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    Haven’t been out too much did a 30 minute trail ride with the new “yoda” with my 2.5 year old son he won’t let us leave the house with out it now . So excited to get out more with the family such a nice upgrade from leaving kids at home or strapping them ton my chest and wife on the 4 wheeler

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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