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annual assault on ardbeg aug. 14,15+16/020

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    hey guys, as the date says august14-16 is our annual run to ardbeg for a weekend of mischief n mayhem, chaos n camaraderie. the trails are stock friendly with plenty of opportunity to push your trucks as hard as you feel comfortable. camping area will be determined at a later date. please sign up as it helps us plan trail rides n also where to camp. come on out.
    who’s in?
    1) finn the kareilian viking
    2) gtilford
    3) FJTTSE
    4) ryan-725

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    further plans n details will be posted up as they develop


    I’m in with M, but she’s coming off nights. We’ll have to come up after she’s done work.


    anyone else gonna head up for some mischief n mayhem? come on people!!!


    ok so i’m goin’ to roll up thursday evening after work, seein as i got friday booked off. camp site is yet to be determined. round lake is #1 choice. i’ll try to get the intell out to some one to post up as i won’t have intardnet access till i get home sunday nite.
    also, as usual, i’ll post my cell # up in the back porch thursday before i roll out.


    Text me when you get the spot and I’ll post it up. Then see you around 6 or 7am Saturday morning…

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    So me and my buddy really wanna go the only thing is that I cant get the Friday off work so we’ll be going Friday evening if that works?? Also what are the odds of getting lost trying to find the campsite to people who have never been there before? Lol


    @ Ryan-725, the odds are very slim if you pull my cell# which will be posted up in the members only section. read the 2nd post above yours. if you txt me when you get into ardbeg, i can meet you at black lake. also, slick will be posting up the intell pretty much as soon as he gets it from me friday morning. if you read toys n yotas thread re grilling’ n chillin’ weekend, he’s got co-ordinates posted very close to our choice spots. hope to see ya up there


    Ok sounds good! Worse case we’ll just drive around till we get too lost and crash in the truck and meet up first thing then next morning!


    well, in a week right now i’d better be closing in on shelbourne. the plan is to hit the pavement running at 5:30 after work. the only thing that should be going into the truck thursday evening is my @$$ n 2 coolers!!!!
    if anyone is twisted enough to want to convoy with me thursday, my route is pretty much from woodstock to arthur to shelbourne to stayner to horse shoe valley rd to 400. pm me, post up in here, txt me,or just keep your eyes peeled for a silver ’91 scsb ‘yota with a yellow n white kayak on top


    oh, by the way, cell # is up in members only


    Ok I am going to head up Friday morning in toad the tracker. Won’t be wheeling in it as it still needs skids, rock rails and some front struts but I figure I’ll throw the photography great in it and just relax for the weekend


    Had something come up on Saturday, so we won’t be able to make it up this weekend…


    I have missed too many of these!😢😥

    I will try to make the next bs session.

    Stay safe and have fun!


    @slick, nnnoooo, say it ain’t so. don’t you hate life throwing curve balls? oh well, there’s always next time
    @fj bill, hey buddy, no $h!t it’s been too long! i’m glad to see you’re still here man. hey, is your phone # still the same as the last time we conversed digitally? mine is if your’s isn’t. or pm it to me

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