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4307's, 03 4Runner SR5- build

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    Yup! We bought another Toyota. Its an 03-4Runner SR5. 4.7 V8 with 240K km. 4X4 of course!

    It has a Rough Country 3.5″ lift, 265/70/R17 Antares Deep Digger M/T’s.

    We bought it because my trusty Taco is about to receive a frame swap, as per the recall. The Taco will be down for a while thus requiring a replacement vehicle, while I work on the Tacoma. I mentioned in another thread the Taco will receive 63″ Chevy rear leaf springs (which I’m currently running and love). The front end will receive a solid axle swap (SAS) using a Jeep Wagoneer Dana 44 front axle. Its going to take a while to build but I can still camp and wheel with the 4Runner.

    The plan for the 4Runner is to build it up a bit, nothing hardcore. I’ll build sliders, bumpers (eventually) add some lighting, air compressor, CB, possibly a snorkle and a few other do-dads. First things first. I need to monitor the functions of the truck and address anything that need attention.

    Here it is, the newest addition to TNTT…


    Nice addition Ryan, congrats!




    nice ryan, seems to be not too tough to get it legit. right on brother!


    Its been a couple weeks, I’ve been driving it around with a temporary sticker on the plate. It needs a few things for the safety, no big deal. Ive been picking at some of these “things”.

    Overall impression: I like it! Rides good, the V8 has balls, fun to drive, makes a good family wheeler and a mid week mall crawler.

    Anyway, like I said, I’ve been picking away…


    Spiral Cable: The OEM spiral cable was kaput. The horn didn’t work, cruise control didn’t work, volume control worked, the airbag didn’t. “The Spiral Cable / Clock Spring”…. Interesting device, expensive if you buy OEM ($412 for the part) or cheaper if you buy aftermarket ($75). I chose the cheaper one, for obvious reasons. Looking at the OEM, failed spiral Cable, I noticed the clocked position, it was in, was wrong. There is a curtain position it must be in or it will fail.

    What is a clock spring or spiral cable?

    “In vehicle steering systems a clock spring or clockspring is a spiral-wound special rotary electrical connector which allows a vehicle’s steering wheel to turn while still making an electrical connection between the steering wheel airbag and/or the vehicle’s horn and other devices and the vehicle’s electrical systems”.

    So, I replaced mine. It didn’t take long, fairly easy.


    Remove Airbag…

    Pull steering wheel off …


    Remove plastic Tupperware  that covers the steering column exposing the Spiral Cable: round thing with the yellow sticker and wires.

    Remove the Spiral Cable assembly…

    New and old Spiral Cables: Top=old OEM, Bottom=new aftermarket…

    New one installed…

    After the install, everything worked. Cruise control, horn, airbag, stereo controls.

    The airbag light remained “ON”. I tried clearing the error code with my OBDII (with ABS and Airbag read and erase) gadget. I was able to erase the code but it kept popping up again. I took it to Toyota to recalibrate the airbag module. In the end, I can scratch this off my “Safety” list.

    On to the next thing…


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    Hope you got your steering wheel back on the right spline 🙂


    Yup , I marked the position before I took the steering wheel off. Its all back together now problem solved.

    Next on the agenda, replacing the bulbs on the climate control console.


    seems like you’re gettin’ $h!t done ryan. my stuff has come to standstill due to some major family crap. no, no one’s gone for their dirt nap.


    Not as much as id like Mark, running behind on getting the safety done. I burned up the first 10 days on my Temporary sticker, without accomplishing anything. I have another 10 days, but id like to eliminate 90% of the the issues before I do. Its not a big list, I just don’t have the time, and I don’t want to pay someone to do the easy stuff. I’m stubborn that way.

    So apparently, according to the dealership, the climate control back lights must be working for a safety.


    I looked at the MTO website for Certification criteria, and found the main instrument cluster must be lite. No mention of secondary clusters like radio or heating/cooling. The shifter lights must work (which will be the next project), thats it.

    Whatever! So I’m playing it safe, its an easy, cheap fix. I was going to do it anyway, because it’s annoying they didn’t work.

    Heres a how-to video, not mine…

    Pics from my project. I did this during the ice storm. Sat in the Runner wrenching on the dash.



    A new (to me) rig is a very slippery slope. The internet is the devil on the shoulder.

    I was oogling the webnet  for 4th gen 4Runner info and came across a snorkel thread…. go figure.

    According to a discussion thread, this cheaper Land Cruiser snorkel will fit a 4th gen 4runner just fine.

    I slipped the slope and clicked a button, next thing I know there was one at my door!

    I wasn’t even in the market for one.  We’ll see if it fits, whenever that happens.


    Another impulse buy..

    Princess Auto had this CB on sale, limited quantity, a couple weeks ago. Did a quick oogle search for reviews, they looked good, so – you know. Now I need an antenna and a craft solution to mount this stuff.




    how’s the runner comin’ ryan? plated n on the road all legit, or still buyin’ 10 days at a time?


    Passed safety today, yippee!

    Anyway, I was running out of time. My work schedule really cuts into getting anything done. One day off a week makes it hard to accomplish anything, let alone spend time with the family.

    I was able to pick away at the little things for the safety. I had the front brakes done and the rocker body work done by OK Tire, Sarah gets a discount there.

    Now the truck is legal eagle, I’ll continue to pick away at getting it up to par. Fluid changes are next.


    Nice progress!

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