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You’re the second person to suggest I buy a roll of copper nickel tubing. I am historically bloody terrible at flaring tubing, but I guess now is as good of time as any to re-learn.

Rock Auto doesn’t sell pre- bent hard lines,  nor does Canadian Tire/Napa.  I inquired at Hallmark Toyota in Orangeville and most were obsoleted from their systen. Hallmark did print me out their parts image page so I can see all the part numbers…perhaps I’ll dive deep into ebay again.

I bought a couple lengths of pre-flared lines from my local shop, but the pre-determined lengths are gonna bite me in the ass. Left rear axle line is roughly 43” flare to flare.  I bought a 40” length because the next size up was 50”.  Thought it would be easier to shorten the path by 3” than consume 7” extra. I think there were some flaws in my thought process. Path Forward: return these pre-flared bits, and buy a roll of tubing and a dozen metric fittings.


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