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I have the full set of gaskets and O rings needed to rebuild the hubs. And I have to remove them to replace the rotors. Only hesitation is that it’s likely too cold in the shop for good paint results.

Shop temp?  Maybe 3-5 degrees when I enter, but I have a forced air electric heater on the ceiling which is pretty effective at raising the temp. After a half-hour the chill is def gone, and motivation builds. Unfortunately my heater is better at raising my hydro bill in a timely manner. I have a natural gas forced air furnace to install sometime before fall 2019, just gotta pay a gas fitter to run a line from the house to the shop.

Not even gonna try to get in the shop this weekend at -25*C.


Picked up my rotors and brakes pads today. Setup the core return with RockAuto. So I really must start bolting shiny new parts onto Redee.

Still havent found a place to recycle my old gas. Unreal.

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