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    Never in my life would I have figured it’d be so tough to properly and ethically dispose of old gas.  In two weeks I’m no closer than when I started my quest, but I have learned that all 9 locations recommended through Dufferin County Waste are not supporting their claims. So far my only responsible option is to bring it to a “Community Hazardous Waste collection day”, the next one scheduled for mid May 2019. MID MAY!?!?  No f##king way I’m putting this off till mid May!  This truck is to be on the road for May 1st.

    What really burns me is how unhelpful every single local shop rep has been thus far.

    Time to invest in a steel burn barrel and get un-ethical.

    Arrgh. Rant over.


    I must retract some of my previous statement. There were many cheerful and respectful people I interacted with, however they mostly referred me back the the pamphlet Dufferin County provides….the pamphlet which is what brought me to them.  Sorry for that eh.

    A fellow from a shop in Grand Valley will inquire with their chemical guy next time he collects and will call me back.

    It’s not all doom and gloom.  I will succeed, and recycle responsibly to protect the earth I depend on.

    I’m also not getting a burn barrel. Not allowed in my town.

    Once again, sorry eh.


    You’re better than me, we don’t usually have much old gas because we drain things when they aren’t being used, but when we do have some I use it to start up our burn pile from work.


    I’d exercise that option if I had it.

    Received my fuel pump hanger in the mail yesterday.  Not too pleased with the lack of dunnage or packing peanuts, or bubble wrap.  Will be reflected in my ebay feedback.


    Shit, that’s a bummer!  hope the spigot is ok.


    holy $h!t tom, some mofo certainly has no idea of spacial concept. find ’em n beat them with it!!!

    so did that dude call ya back?


    I sent an ebay complaint, they suggested I open the box and give it a good inspection. Since I have photos of damage before opening the box (still havent opened it), should be easy to submit a claim if it is damaged. Fingers crossed.

    Air compressor guy hasnt gotten back to me. Will send him another message later. I forgot about this “pending” expense, and have spent most of my cash on brake parts.

    Speaking of brake parts, FedEX is expecting to deliver a RockAuto order tomorrow.  A big heavy box left California on the 4th, arrived in Woodbridge abouts dinner time today.  Big heavy box contains:

    • T-100 dual diaphragm booster
    • T-100 master cylinder 1-1/16” bore
    • T-100 calipers with some special “corrosion resistant” coating
    • Rubber flex lines for Front/Rear

    When these arrive I’ll send back some cores (booster and calipers) and use the refund in conjunction with their discount code to order the stock 4-cyl rear wheel cylinders, shoes, spring kit, and a couple odds/ends. Good chance I won’t actually owe anything for that second order with the core return offset.

    I will buy front pads and rotors locally. The rotors were gonna cost $60 to ship. Pretty sure I have a quote for $60/ea for rotors in town .  Will grab a tube of grease to clean and pack front bearings too.

    It’s a good thing I still have 3.5 months till my “deadline”.


    Thsnk you FedEX man for bring Redee a bunch of presents!

    Time to yank some stock 4-cylinder parts and send back some cores.

    These calipers look awesome.

    I am as excited to stand on the brake pedal, as I am to stand on the gas pedal.  I’m hoping that either interraction will cause an exchange of rubber onto asphalt….not that I’m endorsing Tire abuse.


    You’ll love the braking setup, my friend has the dual diaphragm FJ80 stuff with discs in the rear and it’s unreal.


    Awesome!  Would love to be able to lock-up the tires. Have yet to drive a first-gen with brakes that performed better than “adequate”.


    Despite the sub-zero temps outside, work on Redee is starting to heat up.

    Last night I started with the easiest task I’ve ever completed, replacing door lock cylinders. I got a new set with 2 keys from Rock Auto for $25, and I did not require a single tool for the install. Helps that the door panels were already removed.

    Next up, rear brake inspection. Got Redee up on 4 axle stands and got the wheels off first the time in a 15-years.

    I was able to use the threaded hole in the drums to pull drums off. The shoes look brand new so I’ll keep them, but the wheel clinders gotta go.

    Just about everything moves freely with exception to the E-brake crank rocker on the pass side. I’ve freed them up previously in 4Runneree, should be no big deal.

    Looks like I bought too many parts for the rear brakes cause the shoes and springs are essentially new currently, but I can always return them, sell/trade them, or shelf them for later (or another truck).

    Next I did a quick inspection of the front brakes.  Nothing looks too old or worn, but is all coming out regardless.

    Today I will pick up my T100 rotors and pads to fulfill the parts list…and brake fluid. Hopefully I won’t have to replace any hard lines, so far they all look ok.


    That would be cool if you didn’t have to replace any hard lines! You should pull your locking hubs apart at some point and give them a quick paint refresh. Brakes all look to be in decent shape though that’s nice.


    Hows the temperature in the shop lately?

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    I have the full set of gaskets and O rings needed to rebuild the hubs. And I have to remove them to replace the rotors. Only hesitation is that it’s likely too cold in the shop for good paint results.

    Shop temp?  Maybe 3-5 degrees when I enter, but I have a forced air electric heater on the ceiling which is pretty effective at raising the temp. After a half-hour the chill is def gone, and motivation builds. Unfortunately my heater is better at raising my hydro bill in a timely manner. I have a natural gas forced air furnace to install sometime before fall 2019, just gotta pay a gas fitter to run a line from the house to the shop.

    Not even gonna try to get in the shop this weekend at -25*C.


    Picked up my rotors and brakes pads today. Setup the core return with RockAuto. So I really must start bolting shiny new parts onto Redee.

    Still havent found a place to recycle my old gas. Unreal.


    What size flare wrench do I need for these damn hard lines?

    Canadian tire sells a set for $60 with 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 mm wrenched.

    Princess Auto sells a set with 6,8,10,12,13,14,15,17,19,22 mm wrenches for $30.

    All my 10mm wrenches are stretched, so I have a CT run on order to exchange them.

    Thinking I’ll just replace these hard lines rather than fight with the damn seized flare nuts. ANGRY FACE!!!

    Cheers guys.


    Followed up my rant with a swig of beer, some well placed aggression and vice grips.

    I win Redee! *mic drop*

Viewing 15 posts - 91 through 105 (of 503 total)
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