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I sent an ebay complaint, they suggested I open the box and give it a good inspection. Since I have photos of damage before opening the box (still havent opened it), should be easy to submit a claim if it is damaged. Fingers crossed.

Air compressor guy hasnt gotten back to me. Will send him another message later. I forgot about this “pending” expense, and have spent most of my cash on brake parts.

Speaking of brake parts, FedEX is expecting to deliver a RockAuto order tomorrow.  A big heavy box left California on the 4th, arrived in Woodbridge abouts dinner time today.  Big heavy box contains:

  • T-100 dual diaphragm booster
  • T-100 master cylinder 1-1/16” bore
  • T-100 calipers with some special “corrosion resistant” coating
  • Rubber flex lines for Front/Rear

When these arrive I’ll send back some cores (booster and calipers) and use the refund in conjunction with their discount code to order the stock 4-cyl rear wheel cylinders, shoes, spring kit, and a couple odds/ends. Good chance I won’t actually owe anything for that second order with the core return offset.

I will buy front pads and rotors locally. The rotors were gonna cost $60 to ship. Pretty sure I have a quote for $60/ea for rotors in town .  Will grab a tube of grease to clean and pack front bearings too.

It’s a good thing I still have 3.5 months till my “deadline”.

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