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My parents got me a book for christmas to build motivation.

Chapter 6: Cuestas and Valleys. Basically this chapter is written about all the back roads I explore within 45 mins of Shelburne.  I’d have some kind of witty remark about how this author (perhaps aided by the government) must be stalking me, but it was published before I moved to Shelburne. So I guess I’m the stalker.

Mom & Dad also got me a small tubing bender (brake lines and fuel lines) and sand blasting cabinet to keep me busy in the shop. Cabinet may  have saved me lots of grief on striiping pee rust out of the blower motor housing, or allowed me to put holes in it even faster than I did with the wire wheel.  The jury is still out on that.

Time to go buy some blasting media!  And solvent for the parts washer they got me last year for christmas. Slackin’, I know. Mark, this is also why I’m hesitant to grab that lightning manipulator, it’ll take me a whole year to get it out of the box!

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