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Not yet. Buddy told me last week he was going out of town, and to try for 27/28th. But haven’t heard anything in over a week now. Ad is still up, so I’m not worried.


I’ll be heading to my local parts store to get a quote on all the brake parts I want to replace before I order online. Try to shop local when I can, but I saved hundreds on the ebay wheel bearings on the BigRunner.


  • T-100 Brake Booster (1-1/16”)
  • T-100 Calipers (S13WB casting)
  • T-100 rotors (291mm diameter)
  • brake pads
  • T-100 dual diaphragm booster
  • Replacement flex rubber lines Front/rear
  • Stock ‘86 rear wheel cylinders & shoes & spring kit

plan to delete LSPV and install manual prop valve all in one go. Hooray for winter shutdown!

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