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Had a couple hours in the shop midday today, and got non-4Runner related tasks complete.

Got the power wheels, wagon and stroller packed away into the shed (out of the shop!!)  till spring time.

Found out the Taco will fit in the shop with less than 10cm to spare.  Good to know should another ice storm come our way.  Last winter I was able to get the Taco and Sams caravan inside before a crazy wind/freezing rain storm hit, but the bigrunner was parked in the backyard.

Anyways, with the extra crap out of the way, I got Little Trucky some overdue service.  Oil change, engine air filter, and zerks greased up. I bought frint brake pads 3 months ago, but there’s still life left on these original pads @ 108,000km.

Tomorrow I gotta do an oil change in Sams Focus.  Perhaps afterwards I’ll make another attempt to glue that damn blanket together.

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