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Yeah we’re racking up milage for sure. The gf was working at the hospital in Yellowknife. Beats walking to work in -40 weather for her. I’ll be flying home to Sudbury soon to play with my other yotas.  The 03 4runner might never come home to Ontario…..there’s a waiting list of buyers in the Territories for it lol.  It was the “new kid” in town up there. It was suprising 1 of 2 4th Gen 4runners in YK! So everybody wanted it! We’ve already been offered double what I paid for it 2 years ago. Maybe a 5th Gen next for us? I really like the 4th Gen with the 4.7 though. Such a great truck especially way up there. It’s been super reliable.  My little 5’0″ 100lb gf made quite a name for herself towing out everybody out of the snow last winter lol.

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