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Hey Mark, not sure if I can swing the BS session, Sam is working night shifts leading up. How beat up she gets from work will determine my availability. Starts at 7:30pm?

I got a whole bunch completed today while Sam and girls were visiting great-grandma.

I started with giving the entire hvac system a dish soap and water wash in the house to get any last chemicals off. From here I towel dried everything and used compressed air to blow out all the nooks and crannies. A little WD-40 on the blend door pivots to ensure they move freely for times to come.

Next step, I started replacing all the adhesive-back foam which sealed the joints, and limit travels of the the flapper doors. The foam at 3/16″ thick and 3/8″ wide was a close fit to original for most locations. I should have used perhaps 7/16″ or 1/2″ wide in some locations, but the thickness seemed spot on. Plus, all the stores are closed today.

I had to cut out and adhere foam to flapper doors as well. For these I used both 1/4″ thick open cell foam (previously from parcel packaging), and 1/16″ thick foam from my daughters crafting supplies. A little cutting, shaping, and spray adhesive and we’re in business.

I also rebuilt the blower box with a few dabs (4 or 5) of Gorilla glue at the former plastic weld locations. If this doesn’t hold, I’ll try using more next time. This won’t be too tough to access after everything is put back into Redee.

Lastly I reassembled most the hvac box on my workbench before sealing it up in a garbage bag. It’s essentially ready for install into Redee. I am waiting for the glue to set, and to remake the firewall mat. Also waiting to pick up the defrost venting from Mark.



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