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Since the last update, I’ve had a few successes working away on the hvac system.

My daughters old tooth brush was the perfect size to clean the fan rotor, after cutting it in half with a coping saw, and filing it down a wee bit.

I was able to separate the two halves of the blower motor box. I drilled the centre of the “fastener”, then cut it down further with a utility knife. When it was flush with the rest of the flange, I used the utility knife to slice through what remained. Then a little prying, and a $hit ton of good luck, the two halves popped apart without breaking any 32-year old plastic.

Once apart I did a bunch of scraping to the flapper doors, and the metal gussets inside. The gussets have been primed, but are very very brittle. Glad they aren’t load bearing haha.  I still need soap and water wash all the pieces one final time before I reassemble the entire system with new foam seals (generic adhesive backed window seal). That’s the plan for tonight once the girls are asleep.

I removed the firewall mat to use it as a template for my remake. I’m using leftover shower floor liner (in my shop last 5 years) and grabbed a new offcut of  underpad for $10.

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